Trash & Recycling

You may bring your trash and recycling items to the Township Building on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 7:30 a.m. until noon. Recyclable items are accepted free of charge! The disposal fees for garbage bags are as follows:

Tall Kitchen Bags (white, 13-16 gal) – $2.00 per bag

Regular Trash Bags (black, 30-45 gal) – $3.00 per bag

Commercial/Heavy Duty Trash Bags (black, 55+ gal) – $4.00 per bag

Click on the “rules for recycling” link below for a list of accepted items for recycling and the new recycling procedures!


Electronics Recycling

The Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108) prohibits the acceptance of ‘covered devices’ such as televisions, computers, monitors, and all peripherals at all PA solid waste facilities, more commonly know as landfills.  This prohibits residents from putting them out for pickup by their waste hauler or dropping them off during Bulky Trash Days.  The law also stipulates that recyclers cannot charge a fee to offset the cost of proper disposal as the cost of collection, transportation, and recycling is to be borne by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the law isn’t working and has created an imbalance of supply and demand causing many electronics collection programs to shut down, leaving many consumers without means to recycle their old electronics.  While some residents are holding on to those devices until the law is fixed, there are others that are not.  Instead, they are choosing to dump them over riverbanks and alongside our roadways.

Illegal dumping of any waste is harmful to the environment and costly to surrounding communities.  To make matters worse, some electronic devices contain lead, cadmium, and mercury that poses a threat to human health if not handled properly.

“Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful” launched a website, to educate consumers and provide a place for them to connect with local legislators and the manufacturers that are responsible for carrying the cost of recycling e-waste in Pennsylvania.  Visit their site for more information.