Mandatory Pumping

All residences in Letterkenny Township that are not connected to public sewer must have their septic tanks pumped once every three years.  Seasonal Cabins that have a signed affidavit only need to be pumped once every nine years.

Residences in the Horse Valley Area are due to have their septic tanks pumped this year unless they have been pumped during the past two years.  Many seasonal cabins are due to have their tanks pumped since it has been nine years since the Mandatory Pumping Ordinance was implemented.  Please call the Township Office if you are not sure when your tank is due to be pumped.

Other township residences, excluding Kensington Heights, will be due to have their septic tanks pumped in 2019.

You must use a hauler from the following list of registered haulers:

  • Art Beidel Enterprises   349-7028
  • Chamberlin & Wingert Sanitary Services   530-9741
  • County Septic   860-3254
  • D.E.W. & Sons Septic Service   776-3708
  • May & Company   369-3216
  • Premiere Septic & Sanitation   530-0582
  • Rosenberry’s Septic Services   532-4026
  • Rosy’s Wastewater Removal   369-4809
  • Witter’s Septic & Sanitation   369-0083