Septic Pumping

All residences in Letterkenny Township that are not connected to public sewer must have their septic tanks pumped once every three years.  Seasonal Cabins that have a signed affidavit only need to be pumped once every nine years.  Letterkenny Township was divided into three sections when “Mandatory Pumping” began in 2007 for the purpose of record keeping.  The sections are currently referred to as Letterkenny Central, Letterkenny East, and Letterkenny West.

In 2023, all township residences located in Letterkenny East are due to have their septic tanks pumped unless they have been pumped during the previous two years.  You will not receive a letter when it is your year to pump your tank so please maintain your own records.  You are welcome to contact the township office if you need to know when your tank was last pumped.  Below is a list of the roads assigned to each section.

Letterkenny East (Chambersburg Addresses) – Cumberland Hwy (part),Funk Road, Iron Bridge Road, Keefer Road, Lawyer Road, Limekiln Road, McKenrick Drive, Nyesville Road, Rocky Spring Road, Rotz Road, and Sheffield Drive

Letterkenny West (Upper Strasburg and some Orrstown Addresses) – Bear Valley Road, Forge Hill Road, Gilbert Road, Keefer Road, Lower Horse Valley Road, Shinabrook Road, Skinners Lane, Upper Horse Valley Road, and Upper Strasburg Road

Letterkenny Central (Orrstown, Pleasant Hall, and some Upper Strasburg Addresses) – Creek Road, Cumberland Hwy, Mountain Road, Orrstown Road, Park Road, Pine Road, Sandy Mount Road, Skyline Drive, Tim Road, Upper Strasburg Road, and Wye Road

You must use a hauler from the following list of registered haulers:

  • Art Beidel Enterprises   717-349-7028
  • Chamberlin & Wingert Sanitary Services   717-530-9741
  • County Septic   717-860-3254
  • Daley Son’s Septic Service  717-597-8181
  • Dillsburg Excavating & Septic  717-432-9704
  • May & Company   717-369-3216
  • Premiere Property Services   717-530-0582
  • Rosenberry’s Septic Services   717-532-4026
  • Rosy’s Wastewater Removal   717-369-4809
  • Witter’s Septic & Sanitation   717-369-0083