Tax Collector – Jane Horn 532-8327
Franklin County Assessment Office 261-3801
Franklin County Area Tax Bureau 263-5141

2018 Tax Information
Earned Income Tax [EIT] – 1.7% (School 1.2%, Township 0.5%)
Real Estate Mill Rates – School 109.647  County 27.6  Township 3.8  Library 1.05
Realty Transfer Tax – Township 0.5%

Tax Reminder
     The Franklin County Area Tax Bureau would like to remind all residents that the Earned Income Tax [EIT] is shared with the township in which you reside and the affiliated school district.  The EIT rate for Letterkenny Township residents is 1.7%, with the Township receiving 0.5% and the Chambersburg School District receiving 1.2%.
If you have recently moved or are not sure that your EIT is being properly allocated, please contact the Franklin County Area Tax Bureau at 717-263-5141.  If you are self-employed or work outside of PA and your local tax is not withheld, you must make quarterly estimated payments of your non-withheld tax liability.

     At the Township Office, along with citizen complaints, we often hear something similar to, “I pay taxes to Letterkenny Township.” or “You get all that tax money from me.”  As you can see from the breakdown above, Townships get very little of the overall tax money collected.  Keep that in mind the next time you think the Township is “wasting your tax dollars”.  We welcome suggestions, and even complaints, as we are always working to improve township roads and overall daily operations on a limited budget.