There is no zoning in Letterkenny Township.

Driveway Permits
If you are adding or changing the location of a driveway, you must obtain a Driveway Permit.  If the driveway is accessing a state road, you will need a permit from PennDOT.  Please contact Joseph Zima at 717-264-4171 opt #4.  If the driveway is accessing a township road, you will need a permit from Letterkenny Township.  Click on the link below for a copy of the permit. The fee for a Driveway Permit is $35.00.

Land Use and Building Permits
Letterkenny Township residents are required to obtain a building permit for any construction or development within the township.  Residents must first obtain a Land Use Permit by visiting the township building during office hours.  After receiving the Land Use Permit, you will take it to Commonwealth Code Inspection Service (CCIS) in Chambersburg to apply for the Building Permit.  Detached garages and sheds that are less than 1,000 square feet and all agricultural buildings only need the Land Use Permit from the township and do not require a Building Permit from CCIS.  A permit is not required for minor repairs to existing buildings provided that no structural changes or modifications are involved.  Roof-mounted Solar Panels do require a Building Permit from CCIS. A Raze Permit should be obtained from the Township Office for any structure being torn down. There is no fee for a Raze Permit. See Resolution 2021-1 below for Land Use Permit Fees. Earl Baer, CCIS 717-262-0081

Land Use Permit  (Please print one double-sided page, if possible)          Raze Permit           

Sewer Permits
You must obtain a Sewer Application from Letterkenny Township for any  installation of a new septic system or repairs to an existing septic system.  After submitting the application, our Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) will contact you regarding procedures.  You will need to come to our office to fill out the Sewer Application.  The fee for a Sewer Application w/Testing is $625.00. The fee for a Sewer Repair Application is $300.00. The fee for the final Sewer Permit w/Inspection is $250.00. If you have any specific questions related to septic systems, please contact our SEO. Vince Elbel, SEO 263-6120