Tax Collector – Jane Horn 717-532-8327
Franklin County Assessment Office 717-261-3801
Franklin County Area Tax Bureau 717-263-5141

2019 Tax Information
Earned Income Tax [EIT] – 1.7% (School 1.2%, Township 0.5%)
Real Estate Mill Rates – School 109.647  County 27.6  Township 3.8  Library 1.05
Realty Transfer Tax – Township 0.5%

Tax Reminder
     The Franklin County Area Tax Bureau would like to remind all residents that the Earned Income Tax [EIT] is shared with the township in which you reside and the affiliated school district.  The EIT rate for Letterkenny Township residents is 1.7%, with the Township receiving 0.5% and the Chambersburg School District receiving 1.2%.
If you have recently moved or are not sure that your EIT is being properly allocated, please contact the Franklin County Area Tax Bureau at 717-263-5141.  If you are self-employed or work outside of PA and your local tax is not withheld, you must make quarterly estimated payments of your non-withheld tax liability.